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Aug 9th, 2016

Ram's Story

by Lucas Thomas
  • Lucas Thomas
My name is Ram.

I always wanted to study as a child, and went to school often without food. By grade 5, however, we were so poor that my father took a loan to try to grow rice. We did not know, but he kept taking loans, and a person stole his money. Things got worse, so my father went to India for work, and I could not continue school. I tried to work in India, but I could not earn money. After returning to my village, I heard about HELP planning to conduct a literacy class through a local church. As the most educated person in my village, I requested the chance to teach my community. I passed the teacher’s exam and took literacy teacher’s training in Dhulikhel. Then I started literacy class in my village. It was difficult to run a class. Many problems arose. I prayed a lot to get solution of those problems.

Gradually, however, our people are able to read and write. I feel joy when they learn to read.


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