• mangal shrestha
Oct 31st, 2016


  • mangal shrestha

Ten years ago, I watched a woman die in front of me crying, “Water, Water!”  In our village, many believe you cannot drink water if you have diarrhea because they think if you drink water, they will pass it.  This causes many with diarrhea to die from dehydration. My name is Mangal, and I am a Health Evangelist.   We prayed, “God send us people who can teach us about this.” Finally, He did.  HELP trainers taught us how to treat diarrhea with “Jiwan Jel” (oral rehydration solution), the way to live a healthy life, how to have clean food and clean water, why we must work together to clean our community from trash and human waste.

         After the training, here are just a few of the changes that have happened in our village: Sonia studied as a medical assistant and came back to open her pharmacy shop; Buhimay works as a volunteer especially teaching about HIVE and STI prevention; Manalai provides first aid and preaches the Gospel of God. Our church has a first aid box, a stretcher, simple medicines for the ill, and Jiwan Jel. We treat people with prayer and medicine. 

I can tell you many stories of people who came to Christ when treated by our church, and volunteers who learned from the HELP training: Srijana- head injury; Kabita, tonsiliti; Prabin – a fracture; Rita – an abscess; Raju- typhoid; Samjana – mental disease; and many more.  We would like to thank HELP and their staff and pray our Almighty God will lead them in the right way. Thank you to HELP, and to the donors that provide us this support.

Praise the Lord for leading us to Mangal’s village in answer to his prayer. God is good all the time!

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