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Nov 19th, 2016


  • class of gita chaudhary at bagmara in tikapur
  • gita chaudhari 3

My name is Gita, a believer in Jesus Christ. I was a “Kaimaya” (bonded servant or slave) until the government freed us in 2002. After receiving my freedom, I got a job as a daily wageworker in the field- hardly better than bonded servitude. One day, I became seriously ill, and sought the help of many witch doctors. Not one of them could cure me, but finally the saving power of Jesus Christ healed me.  My entire family accepted Christ, and found not only the physical healing I had been seeking, but also the spiritual healing.  

After a few years, my husband and I dedicated ourselves to ministry and reaching the rest of our village, but soon trials came. Because we did not have income, it became more and more difficult to minister to the needs of the people, even as many villagers followed Christ. ‘Lord’ we prayed, ‘we do not have any skill, we do not have any education, and we have little land. How can we provide for our family when we have no money? If we receive any skill training, we can provide for our family and serve you freely.’ Soon after, the Lord led them us to a H.E.L.P. representative in our district. First, I learned how to read and write through the HELP literacy class. (photo above) Then, HELP brought our village mushroom, pickle (food preservation), livestock, and other trainings for our church. My life soon took a turn for the better. Now, I have one pig, four goats, and have prepared different kinds of pickles. These trainings helped my economic condition a lot. We were able to earn money after we sold the mushrooms in the market for a good profit. (photo above) I would like to thank, and express my gratitude, to all those in the H.E.L.P. with all of my heart. 

Through these trainings and programs people follow Christ and also have enough food to eat. Thank the Lord!

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