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Dec 8th, 2016

Literacy class protests domestic abuse

Literacy Class teaches women they can’t be abused!!


I am Upendra Chaudhari. When I decided to teach literacy class, I thought it would be easy. I thought 10 days to learn to be a facilitator (literacy teacher) was wasting time.  But then I learned that literacy training was not an easy job.  A teacher must impact others when he teaches.  My students were almost all non- Christian women.  One day the husband of one of the participants came to the class to beat his wife.  I was teaching about women’s rights.  After he left, women started to discuss about women’s rights and the law. After the class, all the women went to his house and threatened to take him to court to complain. He apologized for the mistake.  Gradually, the participants are able to do simple math, read signs, and talk with confidence. HELP literacy classes have helped our women a lot.

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