• jyoti jiwn monage
Feb 1st, 2017

Jyoti Jiwan program

For $9 / month / child. If you are interested in joining us in funding this program, then we would welcome your participation.  Contact us, or go to the website to donate.  Click on the Contact/Donate tab above for more information.


Here are a few of the photos of the 170  desperately poor children who live in rural Western Nepal and are able to receive a basic education because of your generosity in 2016. By expanding HELP's community program Light of Life (Jyoti Jiwan), God is changing lives of many more children by keeping them with relatives rather than moving them to our orphanage.  


Thank you for allowing us to expand this program from a handful of children, to a growing effort which is decreasing child slavery, prostitution, and hopelessness in areas others can't reach. We work with local churches in this program to make sure we are reaching out to the children with the most need.

  • jyoti jiwn monage
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