• shambu dhami
Feb 14th, 2017

Loving those that hate you

Love God first, and Love my Neighbor.

My name is Shambu  (We are “untouchable” low castes). My house is far away from large villages. People in my society are not so educated and most are non-Christian. There are about 22 houses (220) people with Christians in our Church. Many people ignore us because we are Christian, but we love them and tell them that they hate God instead of us. Even though we are not too far away from a government health post, because we are Christians (and low caste) we are not allowed to go to it. I prayed to God that I could receive health training. One-day God sent Health Environmental Learning Program (H.E.L.P.) to have a first aid training in our church. The trainers taught us about first aid, but that was not enough for us. We had many questions about what hindered our society, and they provided many answers for us. After the training, I went to my home with the first aid bag. In my home my wife was suffering from a breast abscess. I cleaned her wound and applied medicines. I was so amazed that her wound was healed with the treatment and the prayers. I would like to thank all who taught us in the training. Now I have given medicine to people who suffer from minor problems like fever, headache, and diarrhea; I clean the most of the wounds of people, and teach them to clean their hands and legs after they work in the field. I also teach them how to live in Christ. I thank my God for everything that He provides us. Life

isn’t too easy in our society because they hate us and our almighty God too. We pray for them that one day they would know our God. Please pray for my village as there isn’t a toilet. Only we and one neighbor have built a toilet (pit latrine or simple hole in the ground). I have told all of my community people to make toilets on their own effort so that there won’t be any diseases affecting our village. Please pray that we will persevere in loving those that hate us.

  • shambu dhami
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