• anita with piglets
Dec 27th, 2017

Give an Immeasurable Gift this Christmas!

  • anita with piglets

December 25, 2017: Teaching poor farmers how to effectively grow livestock so they can eat is valuable, but through HELP you can provide the immeasurable gift (Eph. 3:20) –the power of God at work. Healing broken lives and families such as Anita’s (story below) is incalculable and cannot be measured in numbers of pigs, goats, or dollars, but gives eternal benefits and changed lives. 

My name is Anita. The Lord has done a great work in my life, and my prayer is that my story will bless you.  I was forced to marry at the age of 15 because my family was poor, and we didn’t even know where our next meal was going to come from. We didn’t have any wealth to give a dowry, so my family would starve me to save for my dowry – they didn’t even send me to school in an effort save.  Because of this I was determined that my own two daughters would receive an education no matter what. While listening to the radio one day the person read some Bible verses which touched my heart deeply, so I decided to go to church to find out more about this.  After attending church, I decided to become a Christian, but after my husband and father-in-law learned of this they actually kicked me out of the house. I was discouraged, but I knew the Lord would provide, so I started raising pigs without knowing anything about how to accomplish this successfully. Then H.E.L.P. organized a swine training through our church, and I was able to raise and sell over 26 pigs. Now I am earning enough to send my daughters to school. Also, my husband has apologized for his behavior, and we are all united in love – that is God’s love. Thank you Lord and thank you H.E.L.P.  May God bless you all the time.

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