• Sarita's literacy class
Apr 9th, 2018

Sarita brings literacy to her community

My name is Sarita. Life has always been a struggle. Life has never been easy. My parents were poor and sick, then one day a man came from India to marry me, so I went to live in India for 2 years where I gave birth to my first 2 children. We returned to Nepal and then I had my third child. It was at this time that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and though I loved Him with all my heart my life was still full of suffering. During my fourth pregnancy I tested positive for HIV, and one of my sons tested positive also – obviously my husband had not been faithful – all I could do was worry and weep. My husband died around the same time that I delivered my last child. I cannot begin to describe the pain I felt.  I couldn’t even nurse my own child because of my disease, however the Lord comforted me. In fact, I don’t think I could have lived even one more day in the midst of those troubles without God’s mercy and provision. Then I had a chance to attend a HELP literacy facilitator training.  They encouraged me greatly with what I could accomplish. I remembered how difficult my childhood was, and I thought maybe I could do just a small part by conducting a community literacy class to the less fortunate. Now not only is my personality and self-esteem improving, but I am able to pass along the gift of knowledge and suggest change of harmful traditions to the illiterate in my community. It is the Lord’s kindness that has made me this instrument of change, but I also want to thank H.E.L.P. for giving me the tools to attain development.

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