• sujan tamang
Aug 23rd, 2018

Administering healing to the whole body

My name Sujan. I live in a village with 25 houses (extended families) in Hetauda district, 5 hours long walk from Manohari River. I took different kinds of training from HELP.  We started two farmer groups (to improve food production and reduce pesticide use), but many people knew nothing about health. I was the first one in the area who got the chance to take part in first aid training.  Before the training, I was unable to solve the problems of villagers who came to me because we knew nothing about how to stay healthy - we were uneducated. Most of our people do not know important things about nutritious food, clean water, and the importance of hand washing before eating and after going to the toilet. Instead of cleaning a wound, they used cow dung and dirt, not realizing it might cause tetanus. I was so amazed because there were so many problems around us which we did not even realize. I was blessed to learn how to prevent and treat simple diseases and clean wounds.  Soon after returning to my village after the HELP first aid training, people began coming to me for help because the government health clinic is far away.  As a volunteer health worker, now I am now able to prevent and treat many conditions. I am able to serve my neighbors and village with the Gospel of God, along with medicine and prayer. Many people are coming to Christ after the treatment.  In the local school I now teach about clean food and water, sanitation, handwashing, and much more. I would like to thank God, and H.E.L.P., for this opportunity.

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