Apr 8th, 2019

Sila is being used by the Lord to bless others in her village.

   My name is Sila. When I was young our family was forced out of our village because of our belief in Christ. My grandfather was able to get work, but he only made enough for us to survive. My father worked in the church, but received no pay for his service. One day a generous Christian person donated some land to us, so church members helped us to build a house. We now knew that God had plans for us in that place. I finally passed the test out of high school even with all of life’s difficulties and struggles. HELP contacted our Pastor about literacy classes in our village, and the Pastor chose me to go to the facilitator training. I received a small stipend for conducting the class for the illiterate women in our village. Now all of these women can read and write – they see this as a golden opportunity in their lives. We all would like to thank God and HELP for literacy, and are praying that they will continue to provide more community development training in our village.


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