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Human trafficking of young men and women has been a problem in Nepal for centuries.

Kamaiya, predominately from the Dalit and Tharu castes (tribes) are indentured servants

supposedly “freed” in 2002 by a law. Kalmaris are women from the same groups, enslaved

as young as 5 years old as domestic "servants". Haliya, men and boys forced to work in a

serf-type system were legally freed in 2008, now only to leave their families to work in the

Mid-East under substandard conditions.
HELP has been working for over six years in the districts of Nepal where the highest

number of trafficking victims and castes (ethnicities) live.  Thousands of young men

and women can now read and write through our literacy program, earn a living through

our income generation trainings in sustainable agriculture and animal raising, and

experience the power of the Gospel. Now young men are  staying in their own village

rather than migrating to the Gulf states where they are often once more practically

enslaved, and young Kalmaris and Kamaiyas have an alternative to prostitution for

themselves and their daughters. 

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programs targeting the ex-Kamaiyas